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Beach Money paperback

by Jordan Adler

Unravel the mystery around creating a large residual income in network marketing!

Published Date
January 2012


Have you ever wondered if the average person can really make it big in network marketing? Have the secrets to success in network marketing always been a mystery to you? Have you given up on your dream lifestyle because it just seems too difficult or too far out of reach? 

BEACH MONEY shows you how to compress a 30-year career into 3 to 5 years, design your life around your free time instead of around your work schedule, and turn your yearly income into your monthly income!

About The Author

Jordan Adler has created a seven-figure income in his current network marketing enterprise and has personally inspired thousands of people to achieve remarkable success through network marketing. He travels the U.S. and Canada motivating his team to reach their personal and financial dreams and training distributors on the simplicity of growing a successful business. Jordan splits his time between Chicago and Phoenix, and regularly finds time for the mountains and, of course, the beach.